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Auschwitz known all over the world as a symbol of terror, genocude, and the Holocaust was established by the Nazis in the suburbs of the city Oświęcim which, like other parts of Poland, was occupied by the Germans during the Second World War.


Auschwitz-Birkenau (1941-1945) was the largest of Nazi Germany’s concentration camps. Located in German-occupied southern Poland, it took its name from the nearby town of Oświęcim, situated within the range of about 60 kilometers from Kraków, and 280 kilometers from Warsaw. The complex consisted of three main camps: Auschwitz I (the administrative centre), Auschwitz II (Birkenau) – an extermination camp, and Auchwitz II (Monowitz) – a work camp.

In 1990, the figure of the people killed in the camp was placed at 1.1 million. About 90 percent of them were Jews from almost every european country. Most of the dead were killed in gas chambers using Zyklon B; other deaths were caused by systematic starvation, forced labor, lack of disease control, individual executions, and the so-called medical experiments. At the end of the war, the SS made great efforts to destrony what remained of the camp, burn the archives and murder all the people they referred to as the „Bearers of Secrets”.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Tour gives you an opportunity to learn about holocaust and see one of the most terrifying but also touching places in the World.

During the tour you will have a chance to visit permanent exhibition and orginal buildings on the grounds of the Main Camp (Auschwitz) and visit the most important orginal objects at Birkenau. The whole tour lasts about 6-7 hours. You will spend around 2 hours in the first part of the camp and around 1 hour in the second part. Please do remember that there is no lunch break during the tour. You are allowed to take photos within the Museum. After your arrival back in Krakow you will be dropped off at your pick up point.

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